Our Process

Collaborate. Design. Deliver. Evaluate.


• Evaluate client needs by conducting an expert assessment focusing on the root cause of organizational challenges

or business needs

• Organize stakeholder feedback and determine prioritization of training requirements and specifications

• Understand the client’s current condition and target objectives, to close training gaps


  • Develop instructional material that effectively addresses business challenges

  • Incorporate employer-driven learning objectives to drive the knowledge and skills required for sustainable behavioral changes

  • Design experiential activities applicable to the participant’s performance standards and working environment


  • Implement training materials to creatively optimize the learning experience and outcome

  • Integrate participant assessments to close gaps in key competencies and learning requirements

  • Encourage participant journaling for documenting key learnings, individual progress and create sustainable action plans for future implementation.


  • Perform quality assurance reviews on delivered training

  • Review participant post-assessments, capstones, evaluations and organizational feedback to measure overall satisfaction and knowledge and skill acquisition

  • Identify and implement next level cumulative training programs through ongoing account management

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