Overcoming Gender Bias in the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusiveness workshops are an integral part of 21st Century Corporate Training and Talent Development and from an economic perspective, the case for diversity is clear. Numerous industry studies indicate that hiring a demographically diverse workforce improves a company's financial performance. The workshop addresses issues for the 21st century workplace and will stimulate discussion and challenge our perspectives about gender disparities while learning how to solve them. Our training will provide participants with the guidelines for building a more gender inclusive workplace. Topics include:

  • Understanding the concepts of gender identity, gender expression and gender bias

  • Explore the power of the unconscious mind and its impact on behavior

  • Comprehend the challenges facing women in the workplace

  • Recognize the difference between Diversity vs Inclusion

  • The problem with traditional diversity training

  • Factors that drive inclusion

  • Diversity strategies that work

  • Gender inclusive language guidelines – Role Play Exercise

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